" The Perfect Drug Free Workplace Policy Including Medical Marijuana Updates"
Attn: People who want to update their policies now that Medical Marijuana is legal!
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I Also Understand That When
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*The lowest price ever offered for a legally created drug free workplace policies that I can customize to my company and implement immediately!
*You will receive 2 policies because you have two choices as an employer- Zero Tolerance or Drug Free with Accommodations- So you get them both!!!
*An opportunity to get your policies updated (because I’m sure that’s exactly what has been at the top of you list or priorities) even though it should be!

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Here's how it works...it's perfect
The Perfect Drug Free Workplace Policy with Medical Marijuana Updates... What does this mean? With the updates to legally prescribed drugs being allowed in our state it is critical that your organization take the time to update your policies. You cannot wait until an incident occurs… that waiting WILL open you up to all kinds of claims and lawsuits. This drug free workplace policy will be emailed for you to customize and disseminate to your staff for immediate implementation. All you have to do print, customize and communicate... that's it!!  
If Perfect Drug Free Workplace Policy with Medical Marijuana Updates doesn't give me exactly what I need to update my policy or if it doesn't allow me to easily customize it for my organization, then I understand that I will receive a full refund... no questions asked!
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Let’s break it all down
  •   2 legally created Drug Free Workplace with Medical Marijuana Updates Policy for immediate implementation (you will get the Zero Tolerance Policy and Drug Free with Accommodations Policy to choose from) (Value $525)
  •  Immediate access & turnaround 
  •  The Policy & Procedure (if you add it): 5-day money back guarantee!!!! 
  •  Add the step-by-step Drug Free Workplace Procedure Guide for immediate implementation for only $47 ($1,250 Value)
  •  An updated policy and procedure (if you choose to add it below), protection from false claims of discrimination, better rules surrounding drug use in case your employees have prescriptions (works for all types of RX drugs)! (You can’t put a value on a better quality of life!) 
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
Order below and take this off your long list of To-Do's TODAY!!!
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